Hydraulic steel straighten cutter hydraulic station and adjustment works Hydraulic station is by a 3KW-4-pole motor driven, driven by a vane pump model Y13-D25 of oil, hydraulic oil vane pump output to shunt the plot into blocks, into the solenoid valve, when not working, the oil pressure is not formed directly from the solenoid valve (mounted on top of the plot into a block) back into the tank, at work, at the command of the electrical control box, the solenoid valve of the hydraulic oil (due to the pressure control mini cement mixer for sale in sri lanka valve safety When the role of the oil like a certain pressure, usually from the pressure gauge can be displayed 6-8MPa installation and integrated into the block above) when entering a knife high-pressure tubing, put cylinder rod launched (ie a knife to cut off) time about 0.17 seconds, an electrical control box breaker Automatic time control and automatic reversing solenoid valve, hydraulic oil into the high-pressure tubing knife back, push the cylinder rod (ie back knife reset). Pressure by the pressure control valve regulates the safety, pressure should not be too high tone, to cut off the steel is appropriate, too Assembly to increase the motor load carrier, can severely damage the motor, electrical control box, two time relay to adjust the back with a knife the first time a time for the knife, typically 0.17 seconds (the digital display 18), a second blade back time is generally 0.35 seconds (figures 35).       Reinforced straighten cutter this setting under normal circumstances the factory has a good tune, such as non-essential, non-professionals do not arbitrarily transferred, to prevent damage to components. Important steel cutting machine in use and maintenance that need attention Share to: QQ space for all CAPE heart Sina microblogging network Tencent Weibo Copy URL More 0 1. Highlights (1) Before use, check that the blade is firmly installed, the gap is appropriate, transmission system, the relative moving part. Points lubrication is good, the last load test run, after confirmation before the official start of operations. (2) the level of the fixed and movable blade gap should be maintained 0.5 ~ 1.0 mm, if the level of the gap is too large reinforced ends of the cut prone horseshoe. The amount of overlap of the two blades to be determined in accordance with the cut rebar diameter. Usually when cutting diameter less than 20 mm, blade vertical clearance is 1 ~ 2 mm, cut off 20 mm diameter greater than or equal to about 5mm. Increase or decrease the fixed blade clearance adjustable pad behind the blade. (3) When cutting steel, the operator should hand grip bars, js750l cement mixer italian concrete mixer and other activities when the return blade into steel, reinforced to prevent the end of the swing or pop wounding. (4) lead to be cut to the cut steel vertical and flat, the length of use pliers material into short steel blade when cutting 300mm or less, are not allowed direct hand feeding. (5) exceeds a predetermined cutter diameter steel or chemical components in the steel over steel, steel and other burning red are not allowed off the plane. (6) cutting machine during operation, do not touch the cleaning blade above the dust accumulation, debris and found the sound is not working properly, bad blade adhesion, etc., should immediately stop inspection, repair, until the commissioning party Quasi continue to use. (7) Before the hydraulic steel cutting machine used to check the oil level and the motor rotation direction. Methods: Pine oil valve open, no-load operation 2min, exclude cylinder air, then tighten. (8) Hand hydraulic steel cutting machine in use, the hands should be steady cutting machine, and wear insulated gloves. 2. Maintain Points Should be removed (1) work is completed the tool and the tool below the debris, keeping the body clean. Check the tightness of the bolts fastening of ministries and triangular tape; adjust the fixed and movable blade clearance, replace blunt blades. (2) every 400 ~ 500 h for regular maintenance and inspection of gears, bearings and the eccentric body wear, adjust various parts of the gap. (3) the required parts and cycle lubrication. The eccentric new type portable concrete mixer supplier shaft and the gear shaft bearing, motor bearing, connecting rod cap and tool use calcium-based grease lubricated, winter No. ZG-2 Grease, summer grease with a No. ZG-4, the body knife with a No. HG-11 cylinder oil lubricated gears ZG-S No. graphite grease.